Friday, 13 February 2015

When Life gives you Lemons

Last Sunday I went to the markets and can came back with a whole tray of lemons simply because they were cheap. I got home and I just thought to myself what the hell am I going to do with all these lemons *face palms*? They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade but I think I had my mind set on popping open the Gin! One thing I do love is to use lemons on my skin and that's exactly what I did... I also put some on my fish and chips too! Okay you are now thinking "what is this crazy women on about?", well believe it or not lemons are great for making hyper pigmentation left from nasty spots disappear and to even out your skin tone.

The reason why it works is the citric acid in lemons that basically eats away that old, dull skin and exfoliates to reveal new brighter skin.  Not only do lemons help get rid of pigmentation but they are anti-bacterial which helps to heal acne. So there was no need for me to throw away those lemons after all!

I firstly made an awesome exfoliating mask! I just squeezed a little bit of lemon into a small bowl, added a tablespoon of honey and threw in a dollop of greek yoghurt. I still had quite a few lemons left so I made a dark spot treatment and for that just I squeezed a bit of lemon into a bowl, added equal parts water, grabbed a cotton round and swiped over my troublesome areas. If you decide to do this  yourself make sure you don't use it on an every day basis as it will over dry your skin and also don't use it straight because the humble lemon does pack a punch *see what I did there!*.

There was a deeper reason why I decided to write this post, I didn't just want to talk about me trying to use up a whole tray of lemons. The lemons strung a chord with my life and what I've been through and I wanted to give a bit of encouragement to everyone that may be going through a difficult time.  I have been quite sick for a long time and recently have been in and out of hospital. You could definitely say that life has been handing me it's fair share of lemons. But I believe the same principal goes, when life gives you lemons... you make lemonade! Be thankful for what you do have, make the best of what you got and enjoy the people around you. Sometimes you have to make your own light at the end of the tunnel. So whether you are going through a bit of a rough patch in life, with your skin or you just have too many lemons, I hope I helped!



  1. I really like this post, you definitely have reminded me to be more aware of the good things in life as I get dragged down by all the bad stuff . But yes we make our own light at the end of the tunnel 😄😄
    I hope your doing okay !!

  2. Thanks :) It's easy to forget how lucky we have it sometimes! I'm doing okay, just happy to have amazing friends and family. I really enjoy reading your blog xo