Sunday, 15 February 2015

Walking with the Giants

Last weekend The Giants came to Perth, Australia and walked the streets of the city as part of the Perth International Arts Festival. The event turned my whole city upside down with excitement to see what were essentially giant puppets. Literally everyone I knew was going so I decided that it would be a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon but little did I know that 1.4 million people had the same bright idea!

The trains were packed to the point that when we stopped at stations no one could fit on, there were tremendously long lines for train tickets, traffic in the city was havoc, the city pathways were filled with people and not to forget that I'm a small human being and spent the entire train journey under multiple armpits. Crowds terrify and frustrate me but I must admit it was quite a sight to see people of all ages come together for one event.

I did my exercise for the entire year with all the walking I did, I also got a free blow out from the wind and almost lost my hat far too many times but I finally arrived to a sea of people and one big giant snoozing. I waited with the thousands of people in anticipation for the giant to awaken. As the music built up with suspense and slowly got faster and faster it was easy to see that this puppet had captivated the entire audience.

When it finally awoke the entire crowd cheered and I found myself cheering too! It was amazing to see the performers pulling the ropes in synchronisation to manoeuvre the five story high giant puppet. The amount of skill and physical effort to move this puppet definitely made my walk to get there seem like a walk the the park.

The Giant walked down the streets as we followed it's journey. Somehow it was easy to forget that it was just a puppet and not a real giant! This was such a great experience and it was worth all of the waiting in lines, walking, being squashed on the train and the dreadful way back home on the train again. I had one of the best Saturdays in a long time!



  1. Too bad I live in London this looks AMAZING! Such a cool idea. I love arts festivals too. Looks great.

  2. Yeah it was a really great idea and the event was pretty amazing. We don't have much going on here in Perth especially compared to London! I loved London when I visited ^_^ I love your blog by the way xo