Monday, 9 February 2015

The Review: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

This is one of those "a blogger made me do it," purchases! It seems everyone and their cat are raving about Hydraluron. So I picked up the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly which is the moisturiser out of the range. I believe that there is a mask, serum and a moisturiser in the Hydraluron family. I just ran out of my everyday moisturiser so it gave me a pretty good excuse to give this baby a go!

So what's all the hype about? The moisturiser contains Hyaluronic Acid which is a genius ingredient that can hold 1000 times it's weight in water which makes this moisturiser extremely moisturising. This has quickly become my favourite moisturiser and has been added to my everyday skincare routine. My skin is an oil slick with a tendency to be very acne-prone and this works well to moisturise my skin without making my skin oily. It is fantastic for my sensitive skin and hasn't broken me out.

I give the packaging an A+ as it has a nifty push-top dispenser which not only pumps out the perfect amount to prevent wastage but it is very hygienic. It makes all my other moisturises almost seem medieval in having to actually unscrew the top and dip my hands into the product which in allows bacteria to grow. The product itself feels kind of bizarre and as the name suggests it has jelly-like consistency. It disappears incredibly quickly and it doesn't leave behind any tackiness whatsoever which makes it perfect to wear under makeup. It seriously leaves my skin feeling beautifully moisturised.

Overall I cannot fault this product at all! It is a tiny bit pricey but I believe it's definitely worth it and I don't mind spending money on products if they work. After researching the brand Indeed Labs -here- I fell in love with their brand principle. Indeed Labs aims to provide us with high-technology skincare that provide 'real' results at the most affordable price (they definitely have my vote!). I am very eager to try out the rest of the range and the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is a winner in my books.



  1. Hey Jess! I feel like I've read this post in the past. Are you still blogging these days? I really like your posts :). I wanted to let you know I'm having a big sheet mask giveaway here

  2. Hey Kim! Yes, this is an old post. I'm trying to start up a new blog and improve my content and photo's :) Thanks soo much :) I still love and read your blog by the way and thanks for letting me know, I will probably enter. Thanks Kim xoxo

  3. I need this in my life! I've always been intrigued by everyone's posts on this line.
    Jessie xo

    1. It's such a great product, I highly recommend it :) Thanks for your comment xo