Sunday, 8 February 2015

20-Something Random Facts About Me

I thought this would be a good first post and a fun way for you to get to know me....
1. I have a fear of opening cans and I have to ask someone to open any canned food or drink. A very irrational fear I know!
2. I'm 5'4 and a relatively small person which means I'm always getting stuck under people armpits on the train.
3. Italian food is my weakness.
4. You can call me Sheldon Cooper off The Big Bang Theory because I don't get sarcasm.
5. I laugh when I get hurt. I was hit over the head with a golf club by accident (of course!) and any normal person would cry but instead I broke into uncontrollable laughter, I think everyone must have thought I had suffered some serious brain damage.
6. I can never finish a meal. Sadly I am a small person with a small stomach and no matter how good the feed is, I cannot push on to finish the plate. 
7. I’m from Perth, Australia.
8. I am black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  
9. I love boy's films, anything with action, killing and gore is my kind of movie.
10. One of my biggest pet peeves is bad manners. Call me old fashioned but where has the class gone?
11. If I could have any power I would have the ability to move things with my mind (don’t tell me you all haven’t tried it).
12. I can Lucid dream which is the ability to control my dreams. Lets just say I have a lot of dreams of having shopping sprees.
13. I worked at a Marketing Firm doing sales, social media marketing and events. I can honestly say I loved my job and I hope to go back to University and further my studies in Marketing.
14. I'm obsessed with olives to the point that I literally eat them like lollies.
15. I am extremely ticklish, if you tickle me I'm not responsible for your injuries!
16. I'm a black outfit enthusiast. All black errthang ;)
17. I had hair that pretty much touched my bottom and then I chopped it off and now I have hair regret.
18. I have been to 21 countries. I took the opportunity while I was young and had no commitments to go out and see the world. I can say it was the best decision that I ever made and I strongly advise everybody to do it! 
19. I had a pet Emu called Big Bird.                                                    
20. I'm kind of scared of the opposite sex and the thought of walking into a bar full of men terrifies me.
21. I am convinced that I am psychic even though I frequently lose my keys, forget where I parked the car and everything I need when doing the weekly grocery shop.  
22. My best friend actually hated me and used to tease me, then one day we just became friends and the rest is history.
23. I am always pretty content and I don’t get bored easily. This also makes me a very focussed person and I can sit down and happily doing the one thing for hours at a time. It made my Schooling years very easy and I remember my parents frequently telling me to take breaks when studying.
24. My hobbies include photography, skincare, shopping (shopping can be a hobby...right?), travel, cute cats and marketing.
I found it extremely difficult to come up with interesting facts about myself! Don't you hate it when you are in a job interview and you are asked the dreaded ice breaker question "tell me an interesting fact about yourself?"! It catches me every time, every single time!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first post!


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